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Organic Cotton and GOTS

Turquoise Istanbul loves nature and acknowledges that we have a responsibility to preserve and protect it as much as we possibly can. One part of this is working with GOTS*-certified cotton.

GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard) is an international certification that demands strict environmental criteria on the entire manufacturing process. The manufacturing process of textiles often involves different facilities and processes before the final product reaches consumers and GOTS ensures that an organic certifier evaluates all phases of production. That includes farming, harvesting, production, processing, manufacturing, packaging and branding.

Today, a lot of garments on the market are labeled “organic”. But what the end consumer often does not know is that these can contain as little as 5% organic materials. The organic GOTS-standard guarantees 95% organic cotton, which also considers the whole production process; from seed to finished product.



Only 5% of towels sold worldwide are made from organic cotton and other natural fibers. Organic cotton and other fibers are entirely free of pesticides and chemicals normally sprayed on non-organic crops. Organics yarns are free from urea, wax and other additives used to make non-organic yarns easier to handle. No hydrogen peroxide is used to bleach organic yarn white. Turquoise Istanbul use salt or ash water instead.Only organic and natural dyes are used to produce colored yarns. No fabric conditioners mean organic fiber towels can absorb and release moisture properly. No chemicals are great news for sensitive and allergic skins.



Our products are designed and produced completely in Turkey and are entirely handmade. Precisely for this reason they are unique and original. Certified organic cotton is grown under highly controlled conditions without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and specially harvested to ensure sustainability and little environmental impact. Because of the nature of handmade, not all issues are defects. It is actually confirmation that the towels are hand-crafted.

Our masterfully hand-woven products are more durable than factory processed textiles and maintain their unique feel for decades. Feel the quality for yourself!

This chart illustrates how the GOTS-certification grade compares to others, with regards to the criterion listed above. The GOTS is recognised as the leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres worldwide.


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