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This Turquoise Artisan Towel in wonderful colors and impeccable loom-work not only stand out as a work of art but also hold up to heavy use without fading or loosing their fluff. Ismet is a limited collection in ecru, turquoise and beige and can be beautifully mixed with our matching pestamels. Every piece is entirely handmade on old-shuttled looms by artisans using the old tradition. There are only a few families of weavers left in Turkey, who still know how to do the traditional technique. Every piece is unique, eco-friendly and sustainable. 

- Highly absorbent

- Natural, pure fibers

- No chemical

- Get softer after each washing

- Gentle and soft to sensitive skin

- Environmentally friendly

Only 100% organic certified turkish cotton, linen and silk are used, which makes our products natural, pure and healthy to even the most sensitive skin. 

The organic cotton used for Turquoise Artisan Products is certified organic through the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

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